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Capt. Hank Rhamdas has over 17+ years experience working for sailing tour companies such as The Moorings.

Now on our own, we've provided our clients with world-class sailing charters from Placencia since 2015. You can trust in our commitment to creating lasting memories for your next sailing excursion.

Most of our guests hear about us by word-of-mouth, or are repeat customers who have already sailed with us or are people who have been recommended to us by others.

We are also committed to sustainable tourism, by following the guidelines and protocols established by the Belize Tourism Board Tour Guide Training Program. 

We are also a certified Belize Tour Operator company.

This means we are dedicated to you having an amazing sailing experience in Belize, as well as making sure we protect our precious eco-system, and the environment, in general.

Capt. Hank Rhamdas taking selfie with guests
Image by Conor Sexton
Bluewater Sailing guests having picnic and swiming


Before each charter, we will sit down and have a chat with you to find out your preferences.

With this information we will make extra effort to maximum your sailing experience, and of course, your fun-factor.

Bluewater Sailing Charter guests posing on boat


A sailing charter is not only about getting on a boat and cruising around...

Paying attention to details, promptly addressing issues that may arise, is all a part of what makes Blue Water Sailing second to none.

Bluewater Sailing Charter guests taking picture on boat


Blue Water Sailing are based on few simple principles that are synonymous with our company name for more than 10 years. 

They are: reliability, high quality, and customer support. Everyone at Blue Water Sailing (including me) is working towards our client’s satisfaction.